Commemorative coins

Tagore Rabinder nath poet & philosopher Unique commemorative coin  Code:C005 / Price 500  Chatrapatti Shivaji Commemorative coin  #Mint Hyderabad India , Code: C003 / Price Rs. 600 /  Shipping anywhere Dr. Ambitkar Bhim Rao former  law minister independent India 1947  Commemorative coin of 1990  Code: C001 price Rs. 15000  State bank of India, Commemorative coin ,Brass metal #price Rupees 3000  Code:Coo2  

Banknote collection

#Collection of 100 Different World   Banknote paper money collection #Total Currency Notes 100 lot  From different countries  #Uncirculated ( Mint )  #Great collection for you and your loved ones  #Great investment √ Price Rs. 5000 / US$ 100.00 (Options)  √Payment My PAYPAL √Google pay  √Bank transfer  √Delivary Next day after Order  √Send your full address Zip code in Block capital letters with phone number 


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Shah Jehan Silver

Shah Jehan High grade Silver Coin  It's available with me  And more 

Samia Shouhedy !

Respected Samia Shouhedy  Is a registered Representative  And regional dealer of  ---- Nabide Numismatic Centro  ----Collectors Trade Winds  ----Brooklyn Arts  ----Ever green Stamps  ----Labostan stamps  ( Dealer & Representative for  Egypt Africa )  Contact No; +201286786556 @ Please contact Our respected  Representative for any products & services  للحصول على عملات فضية نادرة لا تقدر بثمن للملكة فيكتوريا الملك إدوارد أو العملات الفضية للممالك الإسلامية اتصل ..... سامينا ومقرها مصر ....


Description: Shahjahan, Akbarnagar  Mint,  Silver Rupee,  AH 1056,  Obv:   kalima shahada in square around four khalifas name,  Rev: sahab-e-qiran sani badshah ghazi,  11.55g, 20.36mm,   about very fine.

Standard World Coin Catalog

 A standard catalog of world Coins International edition / listing coins from 1901 to 2020  Description Impressive in size, scope and detail unparalleled in the market, the 2020 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901-2000, provides the most compelling and complete catalog to 20th Century coins in the world.  You've come to rely on this mammoth reference for the most up-to-date pricing and coin detail, as well as the most complete and insightful review of available and collectable world coins. A worldwide network of 120 experts continues to uncover collector coin issues never before published. For the collector or researcher attempting to identify world coins, this is the perfect single source.  Inside this one-of-a-kind catalog, you'll find:     • One million accurate coin prices--empowering you to make informed buying or selling decisions.     • MS65 and PR65 values for much of the catalog     • Detailed coin information unmatched in the hobby, making identification a snap